《 The Redbird’s Eye Ring 》

The phoenix is an immortal bird that cyclically regenerates or is otherwise born again. While it is part of Greek mythology, it has analogs in many cultures such as Egyptian and Persian. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by rising from the ashes of its predecessor. Some legends say it dies in a show of flames and combustion, others that it simply dies and decomposes before being born again. In the Motif-Index of Folk-Literature, a tool used by folklorists, the phoenix is classified as motif B32. . . 《 The Redbird’ Eye Ring 》 —— The Vision

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the Buddha of enlightened activity.

The most widely known forms of Tārā are: -Green Tārā, (Syamatara) known as the Buddha of enlightened activity -White Tārā, (Sitatara) also known for compassion, long life, healing and serenity; also known as The Wish-fulfilling Wheel, or Cintachakra -Red Tārā, (Kurukulla) of fierce aspect associated with magnetizing all good things -Black Tārā, associated with power -Yellow Tārā, (Bhrikuti) associated with wealth and prosperity -Blue Tārā, associated with transmutation of anger.

The Camp & Kitsch Earrings

The words “camp” and “kitsch” are often used interchangeably; both may relate to art, literature, music, or any object that carries an aesthetic value. However, “kitsch” refers specifically to the work itself, whereas “camp” is a mode of performance. Thus, a person may consume kitsch intentionally or unintentionally. Camp, as Susan Sontag observed, is always a way of consuming or performing culture “in quotation marks”. . . 《 The Camp & Kitsch Earrings 》 —— The Dizygotican Collection —— 18K White gold with Mozambican Unheated Rubies and White diamonds. . . #austylee #ArtJewellery #psychedelic #FineArt #art #jewellery #jewelry #joaillerie #FineJewellery

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Queensland butterfly

austy_leePapilio ulysses, the Ulysses butterfly (also commonly known as the Blue emperor), is a large swallowtail butterfly of Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Its size varies depending on subspecies, but the wingspan is about 10.5 cm (4.1 in) in Queensland. The Ulysses butterfly typically has a wingspan of about 14 cm (5.5 in), but depending on subspecies has some variations in size (western subspecies largest). The upper side of the wings are an iridescent electric blue; the underside is a more subdued black and brown. The coolers are produced by the microscopic structure of the scales,

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