Softyflexi Ema Necklace

A new and distinctive ethos, going back to the essence of my work. And this necklace isn’t just about the 14.0 Cts Colombian emerald. 💚 It’s also about the engineering that took months to perfect in our workshop.. 22 curved moving parts, each with its own mechanism, in order to be soft and flexible 🩶

Art Deco flavour to the wood grain effect on the Ring shank.

The Grinderies architecture, hailing from an era of rapid industrialization, is renowned for its symmetrical elegance. This influence is beautifully captured in the design of the ring bezel, where simplicity meets meticulous adornment. The strict yet refined form boasts ornate facades, tall ceilings, and large windows characteristic of the period. Modern innovations like running water and electricity find a subtle presence. The bezel’s open shafts, marked by engraved edges, host brown diamonds that seamlessly blend into the oxidized yellow gold backdrop. At its heart, a Burmese sapphire commands attention, embodying the era’s opulence and sophistication.